7 Ways to Boost Spring Classroom Learning

Posted by Marcia Barahona

4/27/17 5:51 PM

It’s that time of the year when most of us get an extra kick in our step and our productivity soars. Whether it’s the extra daylight we get or the fact that everything around us in in bloom, spring has been proven to have positive effects on our wellbeing (or should we say ‘wellfeeling’).

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New Encore pricing and AV control panel mirroring!

Posted by Sean Penn

10/28/15 7:00 AM

You may have heard of FrontRow Encore before (our desktop AV control software for Mac and Windows) but you may not be familiar with its vast capabilities. Powerful enough for the most advanced AV control scenarios, yet simple for teachers to use, Encore is now an essential accessory to any FrontRow control panel.

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We're launching a new 2x2 ezRoom PlenumCore

Posted by Sean Penn

3/24/15 2:43 PM

We're happy to announce that we've got a slick new 2x2 ceiling enclosure for the ezRoom classroom media control system. Called PlenumCoreit makes installation even easier, gives integrators more room and more options, and makes for an even cleaner look.

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