The Benefits of Bluetooth in the Classroom.

Posted by Chris Bundy

8/22/19 8:45 AM

Today's teachers face many hurdles in the classroom from keeping students engaged, interested, and encouraging participation. We call these invisible barriers to learning in the classroom. Developing tactics to overcome these barriers is something that every educator strives for. One such tactic that has been gaining popularity over the last decade has been the use of audiobooks and podcasts to reinforce the lesson plan.

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Kernsville Elevates Student and Teacher Achievement through Key FrontRow EdTech

Posted by Marcia Barahona

3/4/19 7:01 AM

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International Literacy Day: What's Sound Got to Do With It?

Posted by Marcia Barahona

9/4/18 1:17 PM

It’s International Literacy Week! Grab a book, read it with or assign it to your class, and give them a fun topic to write about!

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