5 Classroom Tech Enhancements that Make the Honor Roll

Posted by Marcia Barahona

3/1/17 11:13 AM

One of the things we take pride in here at FrontRow is keeping our finger on the pulse of the education sector’s needs. That means checking in with teachers and administrators to discover any pain points they may have within their classroom technology usage.

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Listening to Ontario Special Education leaders

Posted by Milena Basile

4/15/15 10:08 AM

As part of the education industry, we are fortunate to attend a variety of industry-leading conferences each year. And this year’s ASET (Association for Special Education Technology) 2015 Spring Conference in Niagara Falls was no exception.

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Automatic titles for your lecture captures?!?

Posted by John Merline

3/30/15 3:28 PM

You've just recorded another great topic with your Teacher Edition lecture capture software, and it's zipping off into the cloud to the delight of students (and parents). Today. But what about next week or next semester when no one — including you — can remember what mrs_jones_02Mar2015_135810.mp4 is about? Students, fellow instructors, and yes, you often need to pore through lists of content files, so having some clue about the topic is really helpful for organization and speedy access.

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How to capture video of the instructor

Posted by John Merline

1/29/15 8:58 AM

Often when we're using Teacher Edition to capture a lecture or create content for flipping, it's just the instructor's voice and a PowerPoint show. In most situations, that's enough. But what if you want to -- or need to -- show something that you can't do in a slide? Chemistry or physics lab demonstrations are a great example of this.

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The Why, When, and How to Flip Your Classroom

Posted by Michelle Johnson

5/23/14 1:34 PM

This is a guest post courtesy of Lisa Highfill, Technology Integration Coach for Pleasanton Unified School District in California. Lisa has been using the FrontRow Juno system since February 2014.    

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Attend your next PD session in your PJs

Posted by Michelle Johnson

3/4/14 1:01 PM

With every job there is a component of professional development.  When you work in education, it usually means hours at the end of your teaching day, or a day off from the students, sitting in a session.  Sometimes these are really great sessions that you don't want to miss — but may have to for a variety of reasons.  

For the trainers, in the training centers, district or county offices, it takes quite a lot of coordination to ensure you have all people in attendance and that the information is disseminated clearly.  

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How Juno Helped Make Flipping Easier: A Teacher's Experience

Posted by Michelle Johnson

1/28/14 3:50 PM

Rob Patin (talked.tv), recently tried and reviewed the Juno on his blog.  Full disclosure - we sent him the Juno - but with absolutely no strings attached.  Patin is a self-proclaimed "big fan of classroom audio systems," so all we did was send him ours to try as well.  

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