Video: Mr. V Explains It All

Posted by Demitrius Handelih

7/22/20 10:05 AM


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Preparing your school for the New Normal

Posted by Demitrius Handelih

5/1/20 2:50 PM

You hear it everywhere lately, the “New Normal.” Coronavirus has forced us to live in a new way to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are all quickly adapting to new protocols and adopting new technologies. Distance learning and remote working are now both widespread and common, collectively testing the bounds of technology so we can safely remain apart.  

Though post-coronavirus life will force us to incorporate several adaptations moving forward, various aspects of life will return. Students will eventually return to the classroom, and it is our collective responsibility to make them safecomfortable, and ready to learn after having their lives upended 

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Importance of Designing The Learning Environment Properly

Posted by Austina Kang

2/5/20 9:14 AM

Determining the best way to layout and set up the physical space of a learning environment can be tricky. Great learning environments can differ wildly based on several factors, but the most important factors to consider are an educator's teaching style and the configuration of the physical space. Students may sit face-forward in a classroom while a teacher lectures from the front as a “Sage on Stage” engaging students with the curriculum. In other classrooms, the educator may allow the students to explore independently, while providing occasional advice, assistance, and correction. This method is commonly referred to as the “Guide on the Side” approach.  

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