The Future of Education Technology

Posted by Marcia Barahona

1/24/18 11:41 AM

The Future of Education Technology.jpg

For 36 years, the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) has brought together education leaders and technology experts to exchange techniques and strategies for teaching and learning success. Known worldwide for its outstanding program, FETC provides educators and administrators the opportunity to explore the integration of technology across the curriculum—from pre-K-12—through hands-on exposure to the latest hardware, software and successful strategies.

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K-12 EdTech Year in Review + Resources for 2018

Posted by Marcia Barahona

12/12/17 7:09 AM

Classroom Audio Edtech Year in review.jpg

2017 is almost over and, if you are a school technologist, you have been arduously working on tech support and development for your school or district; your mind has probably been bogged down with WiFi Network optimization, managed network security, curriculum integration, and data backups, to name a few things.

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3 True-Blue Ways to Engage K-12 Students

Posted by Marcia Barahona

11/20/17 10:29 AM

Engaged Students - LowResolution.jpg

There are hundreds of articles and books written about the art of engaging the full attention of students in learning spaces, from seating design and lighting to lesson content, every little detail can help create a more engaged class. These three ways to increase engagement and participation bring you some ideas for creative involvement, instant-impact EdTech application, and full in-class flow transformation.

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3 Habits K-12 Teachers Ought to Unlearn

Posted by Marcia Barahona

11/9/17 7:02 AM

Do not let students get your goat.jpg

As with many things in life, our personal habits can have a positive or negative impact on ourselves, and, surprisingly, they can also create a ripple effect that impacts those around us. In the case of educators, they can be so busy going beyond the call of duty that they might unknowingly have developed habits that are zapping their energy, lowering--instead of maximizing--their productivity, and putting them at risk for negative long-term consequences.

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Overcoming Barriers to Learning

Posted by Marcia Barahona

9/26/17 7:00 AM

Overcoming Barriers to Learning.jpg

At FrontRow we often discuss the importance of overcoming invisible barriers to learning in the classroom. In the context of our classroom audio systems technology, some of the invisible barriers we help overcome include:

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3-D in Education: Beyond What Meets the Eye

Posted by Marcia Barahona

8/2/17 10:19 AM

3-D imageLR1.jpg

What is your favorite 3-D movie of all time? Perhaps “How to train Your Dragon,” “Hugo,” or “Avatar”?

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