How Juno Helped Make Flipping Easier: A Teacher's Experience

Posted by Michelle Johnson

1/28/14 3:50 PM

Rob Patin (, recently tried and reviewed the Juno on his blog.  Full disclosure - we sent him the Juno - but with absolutely no strings attached.  Patin is a self-proclaimed "big fan of classroom audio systems," so all we did was send him ours to try as well.  

As a part of his overal product review was his experience on how Juno helps make flipping his classroom easier.  According to his blog, Patin has been flipping his class for this past year. Flipping the classroom is when teachers turn the traditional classroom upside down, in essence, by having instruction take place at home, via a recording or the like, and the practical work (i.e. homework) take place in the classroom with the teacher there to guide and help.  (Watch a example of a recorded lesson.)  As Patin experienced using his own recording system was that "unfortunately, it became too much of a hassle to walk to my cabinet, start the recorder, stop the recorder, transfer the audio file to my computer, edit it, and upload it to my web site."

Juno is able to remove all of that work. Seriously. Gone. With one simple voice command, "Begin," Juno begins recording. Then say "Finish" when done and it will automatically save, process, and post the file for you.


We're pretty sure you didn't get into teaching to be an audio engineer, so Juno lets you do what you do best - teach.

Don't take our word for it though, read Mr. Patin's blog or try a Juno free for yourself.  


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