FrontRow at #ISTE2017 - International Society for Technology Education

Posted by Marcia Barahona

6/26/17 5:27 PM

ISTE Image.jpg

ISTE’s reach and influence brings the power of partnership and global collaboration to thousands of edtech leaders and organizations around the world; this week we are excited to once again be one of those organizations showcasing our technology to over 15,000 education professionals at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio, Texas.

Our favorite part of attending ISTE is hearing people’s feedback on how FrontRow is better at improving student attention, participation, and achievement thanks to our unique technology—including digital classroom audio systems and automated lesson capture.

Teachers, technologists and administrators love the ease of use and the immediate improvements they witness upon using our solutions. Recently we have also seen an increased interest in our AV control and the ability to cover intercom and emergency-response needs.

Already today, several of our "fans"/customers have come by to share their experiences. One of the teachers shared that she would have “never in a million years” thought that she needed or wanted to use a teacher microphone. Once she tried it, she could not imagine teaching without it. She said that teaching without it would be like knowingly cheating her students out of better learning and out of the opportunity to achieve more. Wow! This is the kind of feedback that makes us love what we do! 

Oftentimes, it’s not until people have experienced the magic of classroom sound and how it improves their energy and safeguards their vocal cords (while quickly improving their student outcomes) that they understand why it’s a necessity, not a indulgence. This is one of the reasons we have such an easy classroom audio free trial program.

We are ready for day 2 of ISTE and for hearing more of your stories while sharing our technology with all the participants. Come see us at booth #771!


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