Michelle Johnson

While I may look young in my picture, I can assure that it was taken a while ago. I've been with FrontRow's Marketing Department since 2007. My previous experience as an college instructor aligned perfectly with FrontRow's mission "to give every child a FrontRow seat." To this day, one of the things I enjoy most about my job is the chance to work with educators, visit their classrooms, and know that what we do makes a difference for them and their students.

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The Why, When, and How to Flip Your Classroom

Posted by Michelle Johnson

5/23/14 1:34 PM

This is a guest post courtesy of Lisa Highfill, Technology Integration Coach for Pleasanton Unified School District in California. Lisa has been using the FrontRow Juno system since February 2014.    

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Topics: ease of use, flipped classroom, juno, lesson capture, audio

How FrontRow Audio Systems Helped Me

Posted by Michelle Johnson

4/1/14 10:06 AM

This is a guest post courtesy of a second grade Teacher Mary Jo Barbeau in Boulder, Colorado.  Mary was using the FrontRow ToGo system for a while before she traded with another teacher for the FrontRow Juno system.    

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Topics: ease of use, juno, sound quality, product review, amplification, audio

Audio Knows Best: Going Back to Basics with Classroom Amplification

Posted by Michelle Johnson

3/19/14 1:21 PM

I've been working with FrontRow for a long time, and before that I taught in the classroom.  So I've spent nearly a decade working in and around education.  And over the last so many years, I have noticed that there is always a lot of excitement around the Next Big Thing.  From interactive whiteboards, to 1:1 initiatives, to tablets, to flipped classrooms, there is always some Thing that is revolutionizing classrooms.  

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Topics: product review, amplification, audio

Attend your next PD session in your PJs

Posted by Michelle Johnson

3/4/14 1:01 PM

With every job there is a component of professional development.  When you work in education, it usually means hours at the end of your teaching day, or a day off from the students, sitting in a session.  Sometimes these are really great sessions that you don't want to miss — but may have to for a variety of reasons.  

For the trainers, in the training centers, district or county offices, it takes quite a lot of coordination to ensure you have all people in attendance and that the information is disseminated clearly.  

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Topics: juno, lesson capture, professional development

Trying is Believing with Juno

Posted by Michelle Johnson

1/28/14 3:36 PM

We learned a long time ago that when people actually get a chance to hear one of our FrontRow systems, either at a tradeshow or in their own classroom, they are often amazed at what a difference a little amplification makes.

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Topics: ease of use, juno, sound quality, product review