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Northern California Fires

Posted by Marcia Barahona

10/12/17 4:42 PM

Evacuee shelters.jpgWe thank everyone who has reached out to the FrontRow team during the growing Northern California fires affecting our county (Sonoma) and all surrounding counties; we are grateful for your support as we face these intensely difficult times.

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Topics: Napa Fire, Mendocino Fire, Sonoma Fire, Lake County Fire, Northbay Fires

Overcoming Barriers to Learning

Posted by Marcia Barahona

9/26/17 7:00 AM

Overcoming Barriers to Learning.jpg

At FrontRow we often discuss the importance of overcoming invisible barriers to learning in the classroom. In the context of our classroom audio systems technology, some of the invisible barriers we help overcome include:

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Topics: professional development, Teachers, School Staff, classroom audio system, classroom audio, Students

How well do you really know your students and your classroom?

Posted by Marcia Barahona

8/21/17 5:25 PM

How well do you know your students and classroom.jpg

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Topics: professional development, Teachers, School Staff, Students

3-D in Education: Beyond What Meets the Eye

Posted by Marcia Barahona

8/2/17 10:19 AM

3-D imageLR1.jpg

What is your favorite 3-D movie of all time? Perhaps “How to train Your Dragon,” “Hugo,” or “Avatar”?

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Topics: amplification, audio, Teachers, classroom sound, classroom audio

FrontRow Classroom Audio at Stanford University

Posted by Marcia Barahona

7/18/17 11:19 AM


For the fifth year in a row, at the end of June, FrontRow had the honor of providing the classroom audio systems for the Listen to Me! Summer Institute at the Stanford University campus in Palo Alto, California.

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Topics: amplification, audio, Special Education, classroom audio system, classroom sound

FrontRow at #ISTE2017 - International Society for Technology Education

Posted by Marcia Barahona

6/26/17 5:27 PM

ISTE Image.jpg

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Topics: ease of use, flipped classroom, sound quality, lesson capture, Integrated communications, professional development, amplification, audio, Teachers, School Administrators, School Staff, classroom audio system, classroom sound

Summer lovin', the book kind.

Posted by Marcia Barahona

6/15/17 6:08 PM

Reading at the beach.jpg

If you are like the many school administrators and teachers that I know, during the school year you barely have time to walk away from the many committees you serve on and can rarely get your eyes off papers to be graded and lesson plans to be changed. But then, comes magical summer—that special you-time of the year when you get to do and read anything you want.

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Topics: Teachers, School Administrators, School Staff, Reading

Rites of Passage: Not just students’, also teachers’

Posted by Marcia Barahona

6/2/17 4:18 PM

Teacher and student 2.jpg

According to turn-of-the-20th-century Dutch-German-French ethnographer Arnold van Gennep, a rite of passage is a celebration of the passage which occurs when an individual leaves one group to enter another. And so it is that May and June are rite-of-passage-laden for the US and other countries whose school calendar serves up graduations during those months.

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Topics: sound quality, professional development, audio

“Fla-min-GO!” and other ways teachers inspire

Posted by Marcia Barahona

5/12/17 4:12 PM

3 teachers Making an impact.jpg

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Topics: juno, lesson capture

Flop or flip? 1-step classroom flipping is here!

Posted by Marcia Barahona

5/4/17 3:08 PM

Powerful, teacher-created online instruction can be part of your school's daily routine — in literally minutes.

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Topics: flipped classroom, lesson capture